Medically Approved by Dr. Amel Youssef

Dr. Amel Youssef, O.D. is a preeminent Las Vegas optometrist with over 28 years of experience providing eye care. Today she is the Clinical Director of Operations at the Siems Lasik Eye Center in Las Vegas, as well as owning multiple local eye care clinics including Vision by Amel.

From desert sun to nightlife, haze, and bright lights of Las Vegas, Dr. Amel sees all sorts of eye strain and irritation. Sunnie Natural provides natural lubrication and gentle healing for both immediate relief and preventative daily self-care.

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Eye Care Is Overlooked

A healthy lifestyle should include a daily ritual for eye care - just like brushing your teeth or your skincare routine.

Sunnie Natural is a multi-dose preservative-free drop formulated to protect eyes from the stresses of modern life.

Made with natural ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid - nature’s moisture molecule

Keeps eyes well-lubricated by binding water molecules & prevents evaporation

Hypromellose - plant-based artificial tears

Moistens, lubricates, irrigates, and protects the eye surface

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A Stop to Vicious Cycles

Medical professionals have been warning patients about the dangers of using eye drops with harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to your eyes.

Problems with Preservatives

· Toxic & pro-inflammatory
· Burning & stinging sensation
· Foreign body sensation
· Can cause allergic reactions
· Daily use leads to dry eye syndrome
· Dry or watery eyes
· Itchy eyelids

Problems with Vasoconstrictors

· Designed for 1 or 2 days’ use - maximum
· Reduces ocular blood flow, keeping out oxygen & nutrients
· Rebound hyperemia effect causes even more redness
· Overuse leads to congestion
· Can lead to corneal ulcers & eye damage
· Trains eyes to produce less moisture
· Interferes with the body’s natural healing process

Science Meets Nature

Sunnie Natural’s cap filter membrane filters out all bacteria from the air that reenters the bottle, preventing contamination

· Multidose & safe without preservatives
· No expensive & wasteful single-use package
· Blue dot tech for accurate dispensing
· Soft bottle is easier to squeeze & use

Homeopathic Formula

Natural active ingredients stimulate the body’s natural systems to repair and restore, rather than masking symptoms with medicine that can create a vicious cycle of dependence.

Sunnie Natural is not only a homeopathic formula, but we do use homeopathic elements that add a unique approach to daily eye care.

Formulated by Leading American Chemists

100% plant-based ingredients to support the most common eye complaints


Daily support for puffiness and redness without damaging vasoconstrictors 

Active Ingredients / Purpose:

· Euphrasia - reduces dryness and irritation, soothes ocular tissue, helpful for allergies and inflammation
· Chamomile - high in antioxidants, relaxes and soothes, targets pain and Inflammation
· Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla) - used to treat inflammation, swelling, and irritation, relief for itching,  hay fever, and watery eyes
· Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum - relief for stinging, dryness, burning,and watery discharge due to environmental stress
· Hyaluronic Acid - “nature’s moisture molecule” binds and retains water, reduces tear evaporation

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Daily moisture for severe dryness and irritation caused by allergies, hormone changes, or decreased tear production

Active Ingredients / Purpose:

· Euphrasia - reduces dryness and irritation, soothes ocular tissue, helpful for allergies and inflammation
· Belladonna - for severe dryness and sudden onset of red, hot, burning, or itchy eyes
· Hyaluronic Acid - “nature’s moisture molecule” binds and retains water, reduces tear evaporation

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Digital Eye Strain

Daily protection from the stresses of the modern world that can lead to headaches and ongoing eye problems

Active Ingredients / Purpose:

· Senega Officinalis - helpful for cataracts, the sensation of foreign objects, tired eyes, and light sensitivity
· Ruta Graveolens - for strained ligaments from computers or close-up work, painful, hot, red eyes, and headache
· Conium Maculatum - temporary relief from blurred vision, tearing, aching, lights sensitivity, swelling, and red tinge
 · Hypromellose Propylene Glycol - plant-based cellulose forms artificial tears to moisten and protect the eye surface

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Eco-Friendly for a Healthier Future

Sunnie Natural’s environmentally friendly packaging and formula are also better for the planet

· Plant-based ingredients
· Eco-friendly cardboard tube · Recycled bubble packaging
· 8 times less plastic used*
· 25 times less drug waste*
· 9 times less transportation energy use*

*Based on a month’s usage of a drop per eye, twice per day

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