5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to an All Natural Eye Drop

Modern life is hard on your eyes. Pollution, screens, and other everyday stress can cause digital eye strain and dry, itchy, red eyes.
But most eye drops are filled with harsh chemicals that provide temporary relief while making those problems worse in the long run. 

Sunnie Natural has a new outlook on eyecare, using plant-based, healthy ingredients to help restore your eyes to a natural, healthy state.

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01. Nature Always Has the Answer

Sunnie was founded with a simple idea: use all natural ingredients for all natural eyes. 

  • 100% plant-based ingredients
  • Backed by proven research 
  • Homeopathic and holistic approach to eye care

02. Plant-Based & Healthy

Formulas made from a blend of ingredients that are derived from nature to gently stimulate your body to heal and restore

Hyaluronic Acid

  • Nature’s moisture molecule. 
  • Binds and retains water on the surface of the eye for better moisture and reduced tear loss.


  • Plant based artificial tears.
  • Relieves dryness and irritation, and helps to lubricate, irrigate, and protect the eye’s surface.

03. Safe for Everyday Use

Is Sunnie Natural right for you? If you’ve got eyes and want a fresh outlook, you can use Sunnie Natural eye drops as your daily eye health ritual. It’s even contact lens friendly! 

Sunnie Natural provides a safe and natural approach to the most common eye problems:



Digital Eye Strain



Digital Eye Strain

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04. No More Harsh Chemicals

Sunnie provides a safe alternative to other eye drops that can interfere with your eye’s natural healing function


Added to keep eye drops free of germs, these chemicals do a number on your eyes.

· Burning & stinging sensations
· Discomfort from application
· Foreign body sensation
· Dry eyes
· Watery eyes
· Itchy eyelids


Chemicals in redness relief formulas work by shrinking blood vessels in the eye, and their long-term results aren’t pretty

· Lack of oxygen & nutrients to the eye
· Interferes with natural healing
· Blood vessels dilate more after drops wear off
· Rebound effect causes addiction to eye drops
· Corneal infection danger (especially in contact wearers)
· Unsafe for daily use

05. Friendly,
Eco-Conscious Packaging

Sunnie eye drops’ cap filter membrane eliminates the need for preservatives

  • Cap filter membrane filters out all bacteria
  • Contaminated air cannot get in eye drops
  • No more costly, inexpensive single-serve doses
  • Blue dot tech for accurate dispensing
  • Easier to squeeze & use
  • Uses 8x less plastic & 9x less transportation energy*

*One month use, one drop per eye twice daily

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Sunnie Natural gently stimulates your eyes for natural healing 

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Trusted by Eye Care

Trusted by
Eye Care Professionals 

Medically approved by award winning
Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon David Malitz, M.D.

Medically approved by award winning Ophthalmologist & Eye Surgeon David Malitz, M.D.